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Inmarsat World Wide Coverage Map

Inmarsat BGAN, FleetBroadband, Isatphone Pro Coverage Map


Inmarsat's Isatphone Pro satellite phone uses the same technology in the way of its satellite network as the BGAN and Fleetbroadband products. The map above shows the I-4 satellite network utilized by all three of he products.

Isatphone Look-Angle Map

The Look Angle map gives users an visual indication of the angle from the ground in a particular area, to the I-4 satellite used for communication. Note that the farther the user is from the equator, the lower the look angle. Low look angles will have more difficulty communicating with the satellite, due to the longer distance to the satellite and the greater likelihood that obstructions will block the line of site path to the satellite.

Spot Beam Coverage Map

The advanced spot-beam technology allows Inmarsat satellite phones to maintain a footprint stretching across most of the Earth. The built-in GPS in the Isatphone Pro is used in part to pass location information to the satellite so that the satellite can assign the proper spot bean to a, Isatphone Pro user. Notice that the spot beams overlap, providing near seamless coverage.

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