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Dishonor Roll

The purpose of this page is to point out the companies and individuals who have not paid their bills to Globalcom Satellite Communications.

Buyer’s Name Company Name Address City State Zip Amount Owed
Kevin Jones, Brenda Jones Cardinal Resources LLC 05 East Carson Street STE #200 Pittsburgh PA 15203 $2127.36
Dr. Caroline Hoth, J. Emmanuel Nguijol, Gee Smith Remember Africa, RA-NECOM CJCE PO Box 746 Bronx NY 10460 $16,404.23
Alex Popovic, BJ Lamb Greyside Group 12801 Worldgate Dr., Suite 500 Hernoon VA 20170 $2,875.55
Tom Crom, Brian Fletcher Americas Diamond P.O.Box 9 Payson AZ 855.47 $2380.78

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