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Globalstar, Inmarsat and Irdium Satellite Phone Service Plans

Globalstar Satellite Phone Service
GlobalCom is one of the leading suppliers of satellite phone technology in the United States. GlobalCom offer a wide range of Globalstar products and services. Globalstar provides services which include domestic and International telephone, data and quick asset location. GlobalCom offers Globalstar satellite products which include hand held units, fixed site units as well as small asset location devices. Globalstar is the largest satellite phone service provider of hand held satellite phones in the world. GlobalCom’s continued partnership with Globalstar will continue to provide some of the highest quality products available on the market.
Globalstar Satellite Phone Service 3
Iridium Satellite Phone Service

GlobalCom offers the Iridium satellite phone terminals which provide worldwide telephone and data communication with a small handheld device. This unique product allows the customer to have both voice and data communications from virtually anywhere in the world including the oceans and poles. Iridium provides this service with a sixty-six LEO satellite constellation which provides seamless coverage virtually everywhere on the planet.
Iridium Monthly Plans
Iridium Prepaid Plans
Inmarsat IsatPhone Pro Satellite Phone Service
The new Isatphone Pro from Inmarsat uses the three satellite Geostationary I-4 satellite systems to provide near global coverage for voice and low speed data. Features include GPS position reporting, color screen and an unprecidented 10 hours of talk time on the battery. Both Prepaid and Monthly service plans are available for the Isatphone Pro, at highly competitive pricing.
IsatPhone Monthly Plans
IsatPhone Prepaid Plans
Inmarsat BGAN Satellite Phone/Internet Service
The new BGAN product from Inmarsat uses the three satellite Geostationary I-4 satellite systems to provide near global coverage for voice and High Speed broadband internet and data. If you are looking for a mobile high speed internet and voice telephone solution, this is the product for you. Both Prepaid and Monthly service plans are available for the Isatphone Pro, at highly competitive pricing.
BGAN Monthly Plans 3
BGAN Prepaid Plans 3
Inmarsat Fleet Broadband Satellite Phone/Internet Service
When even the smallest delay or technical problem can result in huge expenses, daily operations can be made more cost-efficient through the services provided by SAILOR FleetBroadband. The solution increases on board efficiency by ensuring an always-on connection to the shore office or suppliers. The cost effective nature and per MB pricing of FleetBroadband also gives crew more freedom to contact home or to study whilst at sea. Because of its high bandwidth and ISDN capabilities, the SAILOR FleetBroadband solution is ideal for the merchant market – giving users all the possibilities of IP while still supporting legacy applications over ISDN.
Fleet Broadband Service 3
Spot Satellite Messenger Service
Never be lost, stranded or be in potentially in life threatening situations in remote areas beyond the range of cellular phones. The new SPOT-2 uses a GPS receiver and a satellite link to send your position to friends or ask for emergency help. No need to depend on land based cell phones that won't work in remote areas.
Spot Satellite Messenger Service 3
Thuraya Satellite Phone Service
Thuraya's satellite phones use geosynchronous satellites to provide Voice, Internet/Data, Fax, short messaging (SMS), and GPRS. Thuraya Satellite coverage is now available in hundreds of countries spanning a large region of northern, central and western Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.
Thuraya Satellite Phone Service Plans 3
HughesNet Satellite Internet
Enjoy the benefits of high speed satellite internet and broadband access from HughesNet.  Eliminate the frustration dealing with a slow dial up connection and start enjoying high speed access.
HughesNet Satelltie Internet Plans 3
Inmarsat Regional BGAN

GlobalCom’s Inmarsat service is known for providing the most reliable satellite voice and high speed data service in the industry. The Inmarsat service provides voice, fax and high speed data transfer. The Inmarsat provides robust always-on state of the art service that can be relied upon in remote locations throughout the world. Regional BGAN (RGAN) has been discontinued. It has been replaced by BGAN.

GlobalCom is committed to provide its customers with a wide range of satellite products and services by partnering with leaders in the industry.

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